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Tobi Ringlever


I will post things here or on my door as needs come up. Thank you so so much.

I always need crackers and glue sticks.

Scholastic book club
Class code----- HDLPD Log on to Choose your books. Your books will come to the classroom and I will pass them out. I will send home book orders also with a date to order by.
Questions to ask your student

1- I know my ABC sounds

2-  I can count to 100

3- I can write my name correctly with a Capital at the begining and the rest in lower case?

4-What day is it?

5- What month is it?

6- How do you say the date correctly?     Example....September 15th 2013  September 2nd. 2013

7- I can hold my pencil correctly?

8- What day is tomorrow going to be?

9- What day was yesterday?

10- Show me the parts of a book.---front cover, back cover, title page,

11- I can speak in complete sentences.

12- What sound does each letter say?? Out of order.

13- I know the beginning, middle, and end  sounds of words.

14-I can count by  5's &10's

15-- I know sight words-- I a A see my me the like to go is here and an love

dad mom you me in if it have for

16-- I can tell time to the hour

17-- I know syllables to random words--- bu-tter-fly --3 syllables / bas-ket 2 syllables

18--I can write a simple sentence with a capital, period and most words sounded out

with a beginning , middle, and end sound. And sight words spelled correctly.

19--I can put groups of objects in cups and count by 10's.

Teacher wish list

*Hand Sanitizer

*glue sticks

*1 ream of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper (white or colored)

HP colored ink # 920 and black ink # 75

*zip lock bags (gallon and quart size)

*multi-colored card stock  81/2 x 11

*8 oz. Elmer’s white glue

*paper lunch bags

*crackers (graham, goldfish, Ritz, saltines)

*mini twistable Crayola crayons

*facial tissue box

*multi-color Crayola markers

*antibacterial wipes

*twistable colored pencils

*baby wipes



Field Trips!!

We will go to the Audobon and the Childre's museum in the spring.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Tobi Ringlever. I have taught in Oceanside for 29 years now. I taught 4th, 5th,  6th grade for 13 years and have been in Kinder now for 16 years.  I love this school and have a lot invested in this community. Both my children went through South O'  I went to this school and have lived in this community my whole life. My Dad went to this school also and taught at Jefferson and MLK Middle School  for 34 years. It has been such a privilege to live and teach in this beautiful community.

I am not going to have homework this year, since students are in school all day. Please see back of calendar for great activities for each month.
academic vocabulary

Swivel              More

Perimeter         city

country            estimation

thermometer      circumference

same        symmetry

ponder    pattern

sight words they should know

I    and  go   is  it  he she

A    an   here   can  at

a   the   no  have  in  if

see    my   you   for

like   me   to  is  said

play  are  on  not  we

do  mom    dad   love