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Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Templeton

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We believe:


Every child deserves to feel valued and safe at our school...

     This is the environment in which children learn best.


Every child can be successful...

     when given the support he/she needs.


Every child is gifted...

     They just need time and guidance to discover their gifts.

How Can I Support My Kindergartener at Home?

•Each day, please review your child's classwork, and talk about it with your child. This provides reinforcement of the skills practiced in class.

•Read to/with your child every day. Talk about the parts of books, the characters, and make predictions about what might happen next. (It's a wonderful excuse to escape from a family's busy schedule and just cuddle and enjoy each other!)

•Encourage him/her to write frequently. Remind him/her to write the sounds which he/she hears and to correctly spell the "sight words" we have taught in class. It is acceptable to write a "magic line" (horizontal line) in place of individual sounds or words which he/she doesn't yet know. Practice correct pencil grip and letter formation.

•Provide frequent opportunities to count aloud, count objects, and search for numbers and shapes.

•Praise your child's efforts, which encourages a confident learner!

Kindergarten Dates to Remember 2017-18


Aug 16                         PTO Meeting 6:00-8:00  (3rd Wed monthly)                                      

                                     Children are welcome. 


Sept. 4                          Labor Day-  NO SCHOOL


Sept. 19                       Tuesday Minimum day  dismissal 1:05 pm


Oct. 3                           Picture Day


Oct. 6-13                     Parent Conferences  Minimum day schedule, dismissal 1:05 pm


Oct. 27                         Fall Carnival  5:00-8:00 pm


Nov. 6                         First trimester ends  Look for progress reports Nov. 16th.


Nov. 10                       Veteran’s Day – NO SCHOOL


Nov.  15                      Native American Day Activities (We will need lots of parent help.)


Nov. 20-24                  Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL


Dec. 13                        Winter Performance  Times to be announced


Dec. 15                        Polar Express Day  Wear pajamas.


Dec. 18- Jan. 5            Winter Break – NO SCHOOL


Jan.  15                        Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL


Jan. 17                         Winter Fun Day  Wear mittens, hats and scarves.


Jan.  31                        100th Day of School Activities  (We will need  parent help.)


Feb. 6                          Tuesday Minimum day  dismissal 1:05 pm


Feb. 14                        Valentine’s Day Activities  


Feb. 19-23                   President’s Week – NO SCHOOL


March 7                       2nd trimester ends  Look for Progress Reports March 22nd.


Apr. 9-13                     Spring Break – NO SCHOOL


May  11                       Spring Showcase Performance   K1 & M1 9:15am    K2, L1 & M2 10:00am


May  28                       Memorial Day –NO SCHOOL


June 7                          Last Day of School / Kindergarten Family Picnic 11:30 am


Lisa Templeton & Lori Jones
Lisa Templeton & Lori Jones

About Us

Mrs. Jones is a South O resident.  Mrs. Templeton attended here for all of her elementary school years.  We both have heartstrings to this community and its families.


We have been job-share partners since 2008 and have each taught for O.U.S.D. for over 20 years. We have extremely similar teaching and discipline philosophies, and high expectations for our students' academic success and behavior.  We maintain frequent communication and collaboration to provide consistent lessons and classroom practices, and to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.  Together, we provide the expertise, energy and patience of two teachers, and are also able to meet the needs of our own personal children.  

Teaching Schedule


Mondays and Tuesdays- Mrs.Templeton

Wednesdays- shared

Thursdays and Fridays- Mrs. Jones