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Debbie Sundberg



      I am Debbie Sundberg and I teach first grade. I have taught 1st grade for many years and I love it! This year I will doing things a little differently because I will begin job sharing with Jennifer Hamby. Jennifer will teach the 1st semester and I will teach the 2nd semester. I am excited to begin this new job-sharing program! I will be coming by many times during the 1st semester so that I will already know your child really well by the time I begin officially teaching in January. I will be there the very 1st day so that we can all meet. We are moving into another classroom and that will be Room C3, and our phone number will be 760-435-2155. You can also reach me at my email address which is

     I am so happy to be teaching at South Oceanside Elementary. This school is so dear to my heart because I have been teaching here for over 30 years! What makes it even more special to me, is that I actually went to school here as a child! Yes, I am a South Oceanside girl, as I grew up on Laguna St. right up the block from Marshall St. Pool. My sister and I spent every waking moment, during the summer, either at the pool or Buccaneer Beach. I have fond memories of this wonderful neighborhood, and I hope you too are enjoying living in such a beautiful area.

      I wish all of you my best and I welcome you to another great year at this awesome school!

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