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Leslie Engel


I am Leslie Engel, I teach second grade at South Oceanside Elementary School.
I am in room B - 3
My email address is

Back to School Night

This is a VERY important time to find out everything you will need to know about this year, homework expectations as well as the new Common Core Standards.

Back to School night is this Wednesday, September 25th beginning at 6pm.

Welcome to Ms. Engel's Class

I am so excited about the new 2013 -14 school year!
I would love to talk to any parent who would like to help either in class or from home.
Homework comes home Monday and comes back Friday unless your child lets me know by Thursday that it will be back promptly on Monday morning.
Please find a special place for your child to do their homework. Having a quiet place with a desk or table and good lighting is very important.
Thursday envelopes are the vehicle for all school information and forms to come home.
Thursday envelopes come home Thursday and come back Friday morning with the Homework.
Please discuss a plan for a routine where Thursday night your child places both the Homework folder and Thursday envelope in their backpack.
We will have at least 2 field trips. In the Fall we go out to Bates Nut Farm the cost is usually around $10.00 and in the Spring we go to The San Diego Zoo Safari Park $14.00. Save your pennies.
Leslie Engel Locker